Zero Hour

Today I arrived at the ACC hostel in Canmore. This is the beginning of the entire adventure. The next three months will be spent climbing, hiking, skiing, learning. Tomorrow starts off with ice climbing in the afternoon, waste no time!

Though, before I get into any details of this grand adventure I have to take a moment to thank you. Even though I am here alone (in the sense I do not know the other students yet) and I go to hike the Rockies mostly alone it could not have happened without you. To my family and friends, thank you, every one of you. You all know who you are; your support and encouragement has been unyielding and has helped to motivate me as well as provide the opportunity to be here.

So far I have crammed my gear into the locker provided by the hostel, which isn’t much space and will be a challenge on its own to keep things organized and manageable. The hostel itself is quite nice, placed up on a hill on the South East corner of Canmore. Five of us are crammed into the hostel room with 6 beds, I think spending three months together, within 20 feet of each other the entire time….we should get to know each other really well!


In typical Shields fashion I have forgotten something already. Food.


In typical Shields fashion I have forgotten something already. Food. Not a big deal as eating isn’t mandatory however I believe I will need some groceries. I am hoping that fellow students in the hostel will want to split on some items to keep my wallet from being completely empty.

As I make my way through the course, please check back here for posts and gear reviews. I will try to blog each chance I can, when our group is back into Canmore.