Woof! … Errrr

Day 31 – 41

Woofer. The name we have given the acronym for the last two weeks of enjoyable torture. Woofer means WFR. WFR means Wilderness First Responder and is the back countries version of EMR training. So the last two weeks have been spent in a classroom, with some outdoor scenario training for a backcountry EMR training. That’s right, I am basically an EMR now too. *Brushes dirt off of shoulder*.

As with the IGA course training the WFR training had the same trials and tribulations one encounters when you cram a dozen people who have been climbing for weeks and weeks into a classroom al day and shove loads of medical information down there throats.

I will say however that we were blessed again with an instructor who has the patience of a saint. I don’t know which saint but very saintly. Yup.

That’s particularly impressive as he had to put up with pine cone fights

If you are interested in receiving wilderness first aid training there’s a few things you should be aware of. First of all go to the company “Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine” and ask for Matt as an instructor. He was a great teacher, but more importantly he put up with a bunch of our sh*t. And that’s particularly impressive as he had to put up with pine cone fights, inappropriate jokes, and the odd day were 90% of the class was hung over.

The second thing you should know if you are employed in Alberta and ever need a first aid ticket or something more advanced, the WFR is OHS recognized as EMR training IF you have a current certification in basic First Aid training. The more you know.


And lastly, the information provided is invaluable if you are planning on spending any time in the back country. From understanding medical requirements, medication dosage and types, wounds, fractures and dislocations. All crucial. Except we didn’t learn how to do a tracheotomy….no matter how much we wanted to stab someone in the chest with a pen, it is apparently out of our ‘scope of practice’.

I am sure that some of this knowledge will come in handy in the future, hopefully I wont need any of this information on my upcoming hike! But you know what they say; Better to be prepared than to die horribly in a fiery crash of life…..or something like that.

The more you know.