The coming hike…

My adventure in Canmore is drawing to end. While the course plays out its final weeks and I return to Edmonton I am starting to get excited about the second part of the summer. I am hiking the length of Canadian Rockies. 3 months and starting in the North somewhere near Liard River. Then hiking along the curve of the Rockies to the head of the Great Divide Trail in Kakwa Provincial Park. The GDT then follows down through Jasper, Saskatchewan crossing, Banff and down to Waterton Park, to the border.

I will be uploading a route and map and more details the week after Im back from Canmore, but here is the rough schedule if you are planning on meeting up with me. Keep in mind these dates could be off by a day or two and I will do my best to update them as I hiking. Each town I visit to re-fuel I plan on staying in for a night and doing some posting to the site. So keep checking back!

**Dates modified and in new post**