The Granite Spires

The bugaboos!! Day 70-77 Originally I thought the bugaboos was a first nations word for boogeyman, however I layer learned that it is a word given during the gold rush meaning ‘dead end’. The granite mountain range in the Purcelles in BC  is aggressive looking and stunning. I’ve never seen mountain faces like there are […]

Alpine Climbing

Return of the Jedi

 Days 61-70     Back to the Columbia ice fields! This time we are front-country camping at the Columbia Ice Fields Camp Ground however. And now we armed with new skills and more experience. This time our visit is to attack an empire size enemy. Mount Athabasca will soon be confronted on three routes with […]

Rock Climbing

Rock and Roll

Day 42 – 46 This is the remix to Mountian skills, hot and fresh out the dollar-bills, momma rollin’ that chalk bag got every man in here climbin, ‘sippin on coke and brandy, I’m like so what I’m sendy, it’s the freakin’ rock section and I’m about to have me some lead fun…… Ahem. Sorry. […]