Jasper To the Cro$$ing

Day 8

Today the hike starts with Max and I hiking out of Jasper towards maligne lake. Max is the belgium guy I met at the Jasper whistlers camp ground. We were hopeful to hitch a ride up to maligne and save us an entire day just to walk there! Thankfully a couple of girls from Ontario stopped on there way up and crammed us into there tiny car for the ride up!

Once at maligne lake we headed for trappers Campground or the Mary Schaffer camp ground. The later being the further camp and the one I wanted to make it too. Unfortunately max is..less accustomed to the lengthy hike with the heavy pack and we only made the trapper camp. The company is great but I fear he will slow me down…. either way having someone camped near you is a good feeling.


Day 9

Today we hiked another 30 km. Max is dying tired and complains a lot haha. Youngins. His back does seem to be bothering him though, and if we don’t pick up pace we won’t make the end of the trail to saskatchewan crossing by the time we run out of food.

If he keeps the slow pace we will hike the next couple of days and head out at the pobakton river to the highway… but we will see.

The views from the pass is amazing however…

Day 10

Today is a grueling day…. I don’t feel like writing a lot but I will say that a lot of uphill was covered. The views are hard to beat and definitely lift your spirit. Poor max is suffering.

We are both exhausted and the downhill is almost if not more painful than the uphill.

Day 11

We hit pobakton crossing and headed down to the camp. We are both exhausted and the downhill is almost if not more painful than the uphill. A long hike to the highway and a bit of prayer for a ride to the crossing! Unfortunately this is where max and I split ways. He will head down to banff and acquire a bicycle to continue his hike to the states and eventually Mexico and I will keep waking… always walking!

Day 12

A ride near the crossing and a half days hike to a near by camp. Tomorrow hopefully my food will be at the crossing and I can take a much needed rest day. Put my feet up at the crossing cafe and have some coffee and read….

My campsite tonight is beautiful though. I found a small clearing on a ledge a 20 minutes hike up the trail and the view is stunning.


Day 13

my $25 burger and pop…. the Cro$$ing.

It figures day 13, lucky 13. My food didn’t arrive until late this evening.  I did however spend the day relaxing and reading and enjoying my $25 burger and pop…. the Cro$$ing. Possibly the most expensive place in the Rockies. I’ll camp somewhere near the post tonight and set out in the morning!


Can you tell I’ve been playing with my fancy new Sony A5 – compact, light, durable and unbeatable quality with a user friendly interface. #Sonyplugpleasegivemefreestuff. #justjokes. #notreally,like95%serious.