Hiking the length of the Canadian Rockies

If you have been following my Blog posts to date, or have chatted with me or someone who knows me you may be aware of the second part of my great adventure. After the Mountain Skill semester is over I return to Edmonton, Alberta for a week (June 7-12) before I leave to hike the entire length of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This will take me from Liard River area to the United states border in Waterton park. I have estimated 97 days to walk the entire length of the Rockies and I aim to beet my estimate.

It begins with a bus trip to Prince George where one of my Brothers currently resides to spend some time with Aaron. He has graciously agreed to drive me to my trail head a few hours North to begin the trek.

I will be posting more details on the exact routes through the mountains, however at this point I am uploading the general schedule. Some people are considering meeting me along my hike for portions, please look through the postings and check the dates and get a hold of me as soon as you can. Also, please keep in mind these dates are rough and may change based on weather, distance covered and other unknowns!