At least, at last…the GDT.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have failed in my attempt to hike the northern route of the Rockies to meet unto the Northern end of the Great Divide Trail. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of what I had set out to try and accomplish. And some of my friends and family remind me that stopping was smart given the circumstances I still feel sheepish for failing. But I digress, beacuese now the second portion of the trip begins.

I plan on starting the Great Divide Trail hike Friday the 15th of July by heading out towards Grande Cache. I would leave earlier however a friend of mine has some Carpenter type work for a couple of days so I can stay a few more days and replenish my quickly depleting bank account. Unfortunately this is now necessary if I am going to fill the open schedule with more and new adventures!

As before, if anyone is interested in meeting up with me please see the dates below and the route map and decide if anything will work for you. Then please try to text or email me (780-910-1810 or prior to the town North of where you would like to meet me and include your cell number (in case I don’t have it). I will then phone you either from the town or the trail via my satellite phone.

July 15th – Head to Grande Cache

July 22nd – Arrive at Jasper

July 29th – Arrive at Saskatchewan Crossing

August 3rd – Arrive at Field

August 9th – Arrive Sunshine Village Ski Resort

August 13th – Arrive at Kananaskis Camp

August 21st – Arrive At the Town of Coleman

August 28th – Arrive at Waterton Border lake


South Route